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Mzizi E-Learning

Mzizi E-learning gives students the independence to learn in a real-time and on a one to one basis. Mzizi E-learning is able to personalise your learning experiences for different audience types and provide learning materials as well as customisable features to brand your entire learning platform. You will be able to deliver training to multiple external audiences with a single cloud based LMS solution designed to support personalised learning and build stronger learning tactics to your students.

What is the purpose of having an LMS?

It is vital to educate your students to achieve more success and growth. With a modern method like our E-Learning, one can quickly transfer knowledge and teach students to develop their competencies. Mzizi E-Learning is emerging fast as one of the best learning platform in Kenya, and there are countless benefits of using Mzizi E-Learning courses in your school. It offers flexible learning options, increases student engagement, bridge the knowledge gap, reduces the cost, and enhances the learning experience. Moreover, our content is KICD approved and provides customized learning courses that perfectly suit your specific educational need.

Why use our digital content?

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Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, E-Learning is electronic learning, and it typically includes a combination of electronic media and educational technology. E-learning is computer based and makes use of multimedia sources such as text, audio, animations, images and so on.

Each user will be given a username and password on registration to be able to access the e-learning module.

We have collaborated with MsingiPack to provide and equip the learning with e-learning materials which are available on the student portal.

It provides the teachers the capability to upload assignments, homework and video lessons to the students on the student’s portal. Exams can also be conducted using the e-learning module.

The students are able to submit their assignments or homework on the student portal through the e-learning module in various formats i.e. video, images, and word and pdf documents.

Purchasing the e-learning content is by payment through M-Pesa. We are currently working to integrate other payment options such as electronic funds transfer and VISA cards.

Schools already using our E-Learning platform.

Mzizi E-learning gives students the independence to learn in real-time and on a one to one basis.