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How Mzizi Enhances School-Parent Communication
How Mzizi Enhances School-Parent Communication

The Mzizi Parent Portal is an innovative tool that has been designed to help parents stay informed about their child's academic progress, financial management, and communicate with the school. The portal offers a wide range of services that aim to improve transparency, efficiency, and convenience for both parents and schools.


Financial Management





The Mzizi Parent Portal provides parents with a comprehensive, seamless financial management system that allows them to manage their child's fees and payments easily. The portal offers features such as fee invoicesfee receipting, and fee statements that help parents keep track of their children's financial obligations.




Additionally, the portal allows parents to buy students' items, such as uniforms items through the portal. This feature eliminates the need for parents to physically go to the school to purchase these items, making it more convenient for them.  


Academic Reporting





The Mzizi Parent Portal offers new academic dashboards that provide parents with real-time access to their child's academic progress. Parents can track their child's academic performance on both the 8-4-4 and CBC curriculums and view academic reports on the portal.






Furthermore, the portal provides a diary feature that allows parents to view their children's daily schedules, including upcoming assignments and homework. The portal also allows parents to access their child's assignments, making it easier for them to monitor their child's academic progress.






The  Portal offers an efficient communication system that enables schools to communicate with parents easily. It provides a messaging feature that allows parents and teachers to communicate directly, eliminating the need for physical meetings or phone calls.








The portal also allows schools to send out announcements, such as school events, holidays, and important notices, to parents. This feature ensures that parents are always informed about what is happening in their child's school.


Photo Gallery



This feature provides a convenient way for parents to view and access school event photos and student achievements, fostering parental engagement and a sense of connection with the school community.



Video Gallery


The video gallery in the parent portal provides a centralized platform for parents to access and watch school-related videos, fostering engagement and allowing parents to be part of their child's educational journey

Editing Student Information





The  Parent Portal provides parents with the ability to edit their child's information, such as their contact details and emergency contacts. This feature ensures that schools always have up-to-date information about their students, making it easier for them to communicate with parents in case of emergencies. 




Also in the case where a parent has more than one child, the parent is able to view progress of all the children under the portal.


Live Lessons




The Parent Portal, integrated with Microsoft Teams, enables live lessons, bringing parents closer to their child's education. It fosters collaboration and transparency between parents and teachers, allowing remote participation in real-time educational sessions. Parents can actively engage, support, and stay informed about their child's learning journey, ensuring continuity in education


Library History






Mzizi Parent Portal allows parents to view their child's library history, providing insights into their reading habits and promoting parental involvement in supporting their child's literary journey.


Medical Center



The medical center feature provides convenient access to essential medical information, including records, immunization history, appointments, and communication with healthcare professionals. It streamlines health management, ensuring parents have easy access to vital information and fostering collaboration between parents and the school's medical team






In conclusion, the Mzizi Parent Portal is an excellent tool that streamlines parent-school communication and management. The portal offers a range of features that make it easier for parents to manage their child's academic progress, financial obligations, and communicate with schools. Overall, the Mzizi Parent Portal is an essential tool for parents who want to stay informed and involved in their child's academic journey.