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With over 40,000 active users on Mzizi's Parent Portal, Student Portal & Mobile App (which has been designed uniquely to take advantage of Android and IOS capabilities) has refined these extensions to provide concise and accurate information to Parents and Students alike.

mzizi parent portal

Mzizi Parent Portal helps you get access to your child’s academic performance, fee transactions, important school events, and contact information of the school. This portal provides academic information and many more features. Keep up to date with all the latest information and happenings from your school.

"Mzizi has really been an efficient way for me to get information about my son from the school regarding anything, I aso don't have to line up in the bank all day to pay for his school fees, I just pay for the fees using the portal. I'd want every school to try this out to save the parents' time."

Jane Moraa, parent

The Mzizi parent portal has the features of an excellent system which are the login page, dashboard, navigation menu.

view student results
view transactions
get direct letters from school
chat with the school
view upcoming school events
view student attendance

mzizi student portal & teacher app

Mzizi enables a school to send homework/assignments to students whrever they are. This makes it easy for the teachers and the school at large to track work assigned to students and even set deadlines for the same. students are be able to learn via the portal wherever they are and whenever

"Hii system ni noma sana, nowadays ata naweza fanyia assignment mbali na nisubmit to the portal bila mimi kuhitajika shule physically"

Chris Mutula, 3rd year student at college

The teacher mobile app follows with great interactive features such as student inquiry,recording discipline cases on the spot, Leave application, duty,roster inquiry, Transport Management, fuel details recording and other great features.

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play