Mzizi Academics

The Mzizi Academics Feature enables the school administrator perform tasks that affect the Academic unit through the Mzizi portal. Please click on the icons to view more details about the respective modules.

Manage Attendance Feature

The Mzizi Attendance feature enables the school and the guardians to monitor and manage the attendance of the respective student through out the school session.

Manage Results Feature

The Mzizi Manage Results feature enables the guardian and the school to monitor the ongoing academic perfomance of the students.Mzizi gives a detailed high level graphical view of examination analysis by year, class, stream, subject and many more.

Manage Library Feature

The Mzizi Manage Library Feature enables the admin to manage, issue and keep track of all books designated to be in the Library.

Exam Status Feature

The Exam Status feature enables the teachers of a respective school to enter the results of a specific academic year session(eg. term/semester) and lets both the students and the teachers know whether a specific session is open/closed.

Duty Roster Feature

The Duty Roster manager helps both the school admin and the students identify who is supposed to perform a particular duty ,when and at what time.

Term Schedule Feature

The Term Schedule feature helps the School Admin, Teachers, guardians and Students get lists of intended events and times of the respective term through the Mzizi portal or mobile app.

Exam Settings Feature

The Exam Status Feature enables an individual to define the exam type status for a particular exam in a term eg. open an exam or close an exam

Withholding Of Results Feature

The Mzizi Withholding of Results Feature allows the admin to withhold results until a certain percentage of fees is paid, hence improving the fees payment rate.

Manage Students Units Feature

Through the Manage Student Units Feature, the admin will be able to manage the units of the students of a particular school.

Manage Discipline Feature

Both the admin and the guardian can be able to monitor the discipline of the student, one can be able to see the offence, penalty given and the individual who reported the particular offence through Mzizi.

Manage Results
Manage Library
Exam Status
Duty Roster
Term Schedule
Exam Settings
hold results
Manage Units
Manage Discipline

Mzizi Finance

The Mzizi Finance feature enables both the school administrators and the parents to manage and handle payments by the push of a button in the portal. Please click on the icons to view more details about the respective modules.

Fee Management Feature

Through this feature student or guardian can access full invoicing and payment history. This reduces the trips to the finance office and encourages fees settlement. It also shows expected costs for the next semester for active planning by the client.

Manage Transport Feature

this feature enables the admin the ability to assign routes and track billing on the same. Ability to map where the bus is in real time, and bar coded boarding to know when a child is on a bus.

Fee Setups Feature

The Fee Setup feature helps one to define the vote heads or the fee types and the discounts applied to the school

Access Sync Transactions Feature

The Access Sync Transactions Feature enables the admin to access, sync and authorise M-Pesa transactions made by the guardian.

Process Discounts Feature

Through the Mzizi Process Discounts Manager, the guardians can be able to be notified about the computed discounts.

Refunds Feature

This feature enables the school finance office to refund money back to the guardian for whichever circumstances eg.Excess fee payment.

Student Groups Feature

The student groups fature enables the admin to assign students groups for fee management and also to get information whether a student in a border or a day scholar.

Fund Transfers Feature

The Fund Transfers Feature enables one to be able to send funds from one account to anoter through the Mzizi portal

SMS Templates Feature

Through this feature the admin can be able to define an SMS template to use for fee reminders and other structured communication to the guardians.

Email Templates Feature

Through this feature the admin can be able to define an Email template to use for fee reminders and other structured communication to the guardians.

Sponsorships Feature

This feature enables the Admin to manage sponsorships by capturing cheques written to the school in favor of the student and also allocate Sponsorships to a student.

Late Payment Surchages Feature

This feature helps in management of fee payment by enforcing a penalty on the guardian if payment is made after the due date.

Manage Balances Feature

This feature helps the school finance office identify students with fee balances and their respective Balances thus enabling the school to manage the balance accordingly.

Cheque Clearance Feature

This feature enables the Admin to view Cheque details for fee payment.

Manage Fee Installments Feature

The school finance office is able to monitor and manage payment of school fees in installments through the Manage fee Installments Feature.

Transaction Authorization Feature

Payments made to the school appear in this platform, this feature is used to authorise the transactions made from the guardians to the school.

Bank Reconciliation Feature

A bank reconciliation statement is a document that matches the cash balance on a school’s balance sheet to the corresponding amount on its bank statement. Reconciling the two accounts helps determine if accounting changes are needed. This platform assists school keep track of payments made to the school through the bank.

QuickBooks Online Feature

QuickBooks is a Seriously easy online accounting software, no matter where you are. Businesses run better with QuickBooks. Track expenses, manage cash flow & create invoices. Mzizi enables the Admin to use this feature through the Mzizi portal

Fee Management
Manage Transport
Fee Setups
Access Sync Transactions

Process Discounts
Fund Transfers
Student Groups
SMS Templates
Email Templates
Late Payment Surchages
Manage Balances
Cheque Clearance
Manage Fee Installments
Transaction Authorization
Bank Reconciliation
QuickBooks Online

Mzizi Communication

This is a well structured feature in Mzizi that enables the users of the system(admin, students and parents) to communicate with each other and manage tasks in the portal. Please click on the icons to view more details about the respective modules.

Send SMS Feature

The SMS feature enables an individual to easily send communication on SMS to all students and guardian through the app/portal.

Schedule SMS Feature

Through the send SMS feature you can schedule your SMS text messages to be sent at a future date and time - up to a year into the future.

SMS Template Feature

Through this feature the admin can be able to define an SMS template to use for fee reminders and other structured communication to the guardians.

Manage Tasks Feature

An individual is able to manage various tasks through this platform. An individual is able to manage chats,diary and events. The admin can also opt to assign a certain task to a particular member of the staff.

Send Email Feature

The send Email feature enables an individual to easily send communication on Email to all students and guardians through the app/portal.

Send SMS
Schedule SMS
SMS Template
Manage Tasks
Send Email

Mzizi Administration

This feature enables the school admin to adminitrate certain tasks of the school easily within the system. Please click on the icons to view more details about the respective modules.

Staff Management Feature

The staff management feature enables the admin to manage the subordinate staff within the school in doing their respective duties

Staff Dependants Feature

This feature enables the school to keep record of an employee's spouse (including common-law) who is residing with the employee; a child, step child, adopted child, or foster child residing with the employee who is under 21 and is dependent on the employee for support. It also keeps record of other relevant information.

Leave Management Feature

The leave management feature eases the processes that control the application, approval and tracking of a staff leave in the school

Contracting Feature

This platform enables the Admin to upload a document of the member of staff in the Mzizi cloud. It is very ideal for backing up documents in the cloud.

Staff Documents Feature

This feature helps the school manage employees contract details, manage employee allowances and manage employees deductions

Reports Feature

This platform reflects detailed Excel formatted H.R reports such as NSSF,NHIF,PAYE,KRA,Salary Advances etc...

Skills Development Feature

This platform helps an admin setup a training schedule for the staff and also setup a staff training tracker.

Salary Tracker Feature

This feature helps manage and keep track of the basic salary, allowances, deductions, insurance relief and advances and loans. It also helps in the processing of salary payment.

Setups Feature

The setups feature manages the HR settings such as Departments, Job Titles, Document Types, Leave, Holidays, Allowances among others

Staff Management
Staff Dependants
Leave Management
Staff documents
Skill Development
Salary Tracker

Who is the system designed for?

The Mzizi system is perfect for everyone involved with the school from administrators and staff to students and parents. Mzizi makes all tasks easier.